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Australasian Grain Science Association (AGSA) is a non-profit professional, scientific association of members who are specialists in the use of grains in foods, including grains from cereals, pulses and other grains. AGSA is your link to grain and cereal science and the grain-based food industry, advancing the theory and practice of grain science. Members are kept up-to-date with industry news, attend meetings, make new connections, grow businesses, and expand networks.

AGSA Advances Grain Science And Industry

You are encouraged to join AGSA if:

  • You have active interest in the use of grains in foods, including grains from cereals, pulses and other grains.
  • You are actively engaged in the grain food and allied industries, the agrifood sector, research or education.
  • You are interested in AGSA and wish to further your understanding of grain food and allied industries.
  • You are engaged in study relating to grain food and allied industries.

Your active involvement in AGSA is encouraged. Share your expertise while enhancing your professional skills. AGSA membership will bring great benefits to you both personally and professionally.

Member Benefits

  • Members only access to methods
  • Members only access to conference abstracts
  • Eligibility for AGSA awards and scholarships
  • Industry recognition and Fellowship
  • Meetings, short courses and workshops
  • Connection to members through the membership directory
  • Forum for companies to showcase products to a -targeted audience
  • Platform to showcase yourself to potential employers
  • Discounted advertising in newsletter

Member Categories


Open to any person with an interest in grain science.


Open to Financial Members who have retired from active
employment or have left the profession.

Life Member:

Conferred by AGSA Council.


Conferred by AGSA Council.

Guthrie, Life Members and Founders Award recipients of the
RACI Cereal Chemistry Division and Guthrie and Bond awardees of AGSA.

Member Awards

The Association recognises excellence in cereal science and contributions to the industry through the following awards. Eligibility is open to AGSA Financial Members.

  • F B Guthrie Grain Science Medal
  • Eric E Bond Award
  • Australasian Grain Science Association Citation
  • Australasian Grain Science Association Life Membership Award
  • Australasian Grain Science Association Service Award

The Association supports education and career development through the following scholarships.

  • A B Blakeney Early Career Development Scholarship for PhD or higher degree graduates
  • AGSA Travel Award

Registrations are now open for our 74th Annual Conference in Melbourne

Our focus is on innovations in grain science